As Project Word director

Research support, developmental editing, introducing articles to leading publications

  • How You Pay Farmers to Watch Their Crop Shrivel Up and Die, Mother Jones, October 30, 2013, by Laird Townsend
    An investigation probing the implications of climate change on crop insurance and cotton farming in West Texas.
  • ExxonMobil’s New Guinea Nightmare, The Nation magazine, April 30, 2014, by Ian T. Shearn
    Digging for the truth at a landslide site.
  • Lawsuit Alleges Torture by ExxonMobil Guards, Dallas Morning News, September 30, 2012, by Ian Shearn and Laird Townsend
    Indonesian villagers sued the world’s biggest private oil company over allegations that it hired torturers to guard a natural gas facility, a case headed for the Supreme Court. 

  • When the Glacier Left, Boston Globe, November 29, 2009, by Jonathan Mingle
    In the northwestern Himalayas, an indigenous community adapts to a melting glacier and its spiritual message.
  • Caribou People, Guernica, December 2009, photos by Nicolas Villaume
    The melting permafrost is a real threat to Gwich’in caribou hunters. And maybe we can’t survive if they don’t.
  • GM's Money Trees, Mother Jones, November/December 2009, by Mark Schapiro.
    Should General Motors be allowed to mitigate its pollution by buying a Brazilian forest? Ask the people who live there.
  • The Dark Side of Plan Colombia, The Nation, June 15, 2009, by Teo Ballvé


As staff editor at Orion and Terrain magazines

Story identification and developmental editing

  • Rose Arrieta Indigenous communities divided by the U.S. Mexico border
  • Teo Ballvé Glassmaking employees take over an abandoned factory in Argentina, part of a nationwide response to economic crisis
  • Jennifer Barrios Latina leaders in California desert confront plans for a water-guzzling power plant
  • Michelle Berditschevsky and Peggy Risch Battle for a sacred site in northern California
  • Conrad Fox Short piece on indigenous Guatemalan communities that turn discarded bicycles into economic opportunity
  • Marisa Handler the Saryacu defend their indigenous Amazon territory from petroleros
  • Stephen Hendricks A murder on Pine Ridge reservations invites a revival of ancestral traditions
  • Jeffrey Kaplan Historical essay on U.S. corporate power and democracy
  • Richard Louv Short piece by leader of a movement to cure Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Lowell Monke Provocative essay on nature, computers, and childhood development
  • Chiori Santiago Short piece on a delicious program to link low-income community members with local farmers
  • Eliza Strickland short piece on youthful efforts to reclaim the Bronx River by boatbuilding
  • Robert Struckman short piece on revival of a native language in Montana