Consultations on time, taxes, incorporation

We want freelance investigative reporters to be financially stable—their work to be economically viable—because that enables them to serve the public interest optimally over the long term. 

Where possible, we provide FIRE reporters with

*) grants for living expenses
*) assistance in finding grants elsewhere
*) advice on approaching outlets and arranging placement
*) best practices for time-management and economical reporting. 

We also arrange business consultations.  Through the expertise of business-savvy veteran freelance journalist, Lee van der Voo, we arrange gratis half-hour phone consultations on variables related to running a freelance business—from time-management and taxes, to incorporation and revenue growth.

Since business issues may seem unfamiliar or distracting to many freelance reporters (stories themselves are complicated enough), FIRE has arranged to cover the first ½ hour of the consultation with the business advisor.

Beyond the first half-hour, you may arrange an additional half-hour directly with van der Voo, as an extension of your appointment, or at a date you may schedule with her. But unless the FIRE director confirms by email that FIRE will cover any additional fee, you would be responsible for covering the cost of the additional time. FIRE is only responsible for the first half-hour. 

We think it will be worth your while. A few thousand dollars in annual tax savings, or tips on parlaying grant revenue into fruitful time-management for more revenue, can greatly advance your pursuit of stories in the public interest—and your own well being.