Full service support for reporters

FIRE’s Virtual Newsroom provides a range of services, from pro-bono lawyers to trained researchers, to freelance investigative reporters. Some Virtual Newsroom awards also include grants. 

FIRE has provided Virtual Newsroom services to 10 reporters from the latest round of awards, announced in August. They include the reporters below (two others have deferred service):

Ibby Caputo, for a story on criminal justice

Ashley Cleek, for a story on immigrant youths, released by Reveal on October 28

Michelle Garcia, for a story on government accountability

Ben Hattem, for a story on government accountability

Maria Martin, for a story on U.S. foreign policy

Samantha Sunne, for a story on criminal justice

Wallace Roberts, for a story on corporate accountability

Mary Wiltenburg, for a story on civil rights and government accountability

Following Ashley Cleek, whose story aired on Reveal on October 28, 2017, several other reporters who received Virtual Newsroom services will have stories appearing in the coming months. They include Emily Palmer and Jessica Huseman, winners of the 2017 Spotlight award, in the Boston Globe. We will keep you posted on the developments.