Digging for the truth in PNG 

The Nation magazine has published the latest fruits of Project Word’s facilitation efforts, a freelance investigation into ExxonMobil’s alleged role in a fatal 2012 landslide in Papua New Guinea.

The disaster killed at least 27 people at a quarry serving Exxon’s $19 billion Liquid Natural Gas project. Exxon has denied culpability. But the report found evidence that mining operations contributed directly to the fatal landslide.

To keep the project on schedule, Exxon and the PNG government quickly rebuilt a road directly over the bodies, infuriating mourners who were attempting to recover their loved ones. The report found that this was one example of a pattern of growing resentment against the project in Papua New Guinea.

If opposition within PNG were to derail the project, US taxpayers would be on the hook—the US Export-Import Bank loaned Exxon $3.1 billion for this project, one of the bank’s largest loans ever.
Nobody was reporting this story. Project Word identified the basic sketch, contracted researcher Hannah Rappleye for the preliminary reporting, entrusted the results to reporter Ian Shearn, connected him to The Nation, helped him raise investigative grants from The Nation Institute and the Fund for Investigative Journalism, and provided general administrative support (Shearn also produced a related video version of the reporting).

The story would not have otherwise appeared. Project Word believes the public deserves good freelance investigative reporting like this. We will work to facilitate more freelancers—and we are happy to do so through our new fiscal sponsor, Investigative Reporters and Editors.